Top 6 drinks to lose weight you should know

Today, in my mystery grocery bag, I will share with you my top 6 drinks for weight loss. I am pretty sure there is at least one drinking below they you’ve never considered drinking. In this article, I am going to focus on 6 drinks that actually can help you lose weight.


Let’s start out with one that you’ve probably heard about it before. That is green tea. Green tea is getting a lot of attention lately. I just want to tell you why green tea is associated with weight loss. Number one is the caffeine content. In general, caffeine is known to give us energy and ideally energy is something we’re going to use to go workout. So caffeine itself can boost metabolism, give us energy, and help body metabolize fat. But primarily the energy we get from caffeine, we should use to go and workout. Green tea also contains a lot of anti-oxidants. One of them is EGCG that is known to boost metabolism that is why studies have been shown that people who drink green tea while working out actually burn more fat. So tea in general can offer a lot of different benefits and I have some different teas to show you like every day detox tea, Yerba Mate, and Fit tea. My favorite tea comes from Tea Embassy. Anything we drink that prevents us from drinking soda is going to help with weight loss. So tea is a great thing to replace because of caffeine content. Tea is great because you can get a lot of different favors, you can have even sweet tea that doesn’t have sugar in it. But you always need to read the ingredients. Tea is very tasty beverage and looks like a very healthy product.


Let’s move on to our second drink for weight loss. I’ve said before the only beverage that our body needs is water, so let’s talk about how we can spruce up water, and make it a little bit more exciting. So drinking water by itself is a great thing to do. So you need to make sure you are drinking plenty of pure clean preferably filtered water but another way you can super-charge your water to make it help even more with weight loss and overall health is by adding lemon. Because lemon has naturally alkalizing and detoxifying and anti-inflammatory effects that are really good for overall health and especially with weight loss because they help us to detox. Similarly, another great thing you can add to water is the apple cider vinegar. And it has similar benefits that we get from the lemon like alkalizing, detoxifying and boosting immunity. So what I like to do is adding apple cider vinegar some morning I will do some water and lemon first thing in the morning, a big glass of water with one of these additions. It’s great way to start boosting your metabolism and losing weight. You may want to use honey to make it a little more palatable. That is healthier way to go.


Before we move on to number three, there is one other thing I want to show you is coconut water. It’s probably something you’re familiar with. There are many new brands on the market that are really good, high-quality, you just look at the back and make sure the ingredient list doesn’t contain anything other than water. There are some out there that have additional sweeteners and flavors. So coconut water is full of electrolytes. Now electrolytes get a lot of attention because we know that when we are sweating, we’re losing electrolytes. If you’re trying to lose weight, you should be sweating. So when we lose those electrolytes, we need to put them back. You can get electrolytes from all of these awesome fruits and vegetables. If you need a quick drink to give you electrolytes, it should be coconut water. And coconut water is actually more hydrating in water because it contains more hydrogen. So coconut water is something I drink very regularly. This is the really good healthy beverage for weight loss.


So let’s move on to number 3. It is aloe vera juice. Chances are you are familiar with putting aloe vera on your skin when we use this for sunburns. Aloe vera is really good for your skin. It may not be something you’ve never thought of drinking. But drinking aloe vera juice also has a lot of health benefits. Alkalizing, detoxification, and anti-inflammatory are general health benefits that help you in a lot of different way. The reason why aloe vera helps with weight loss is to help to balance your blood sugar levels. In addition to boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar, all these kind of general health benefits, it’s also loaded with vitamins like A, C, E, B vitamins which are really beneficial for the vegetarians. You are getting B vitamins for animal products. And it also has gastrointestinal benefits. So it actually can help to improve digestion. It’s known to help with acid reflux, ulcers and any kind of gastrointestinal distress. So anything that helps to improve digestion and make digestion a little bit more efficient is going to help you lose weight. This is the beverage that maybe you’ve never realized you could actually drink but the taste can be little odd, so take a little getting used to. If you add a little bit of honey, a little bit of stevia, it will be healthier for you than diet coke or different weight loss shakes.


Next step, I am going to discuss drinks that are really necessarily in common for your weight loss. Many friends ask me “Is green juice or green smoothies better for weight loss?” It is important to understand that green juices and green smoothies are both incredibly healthy. But they have different benefits and you know really just need to determine what’s most practical for you and what you like better. Just to briefly compare them. When you’re drinking green juices, the whole idea is that you can pack more nutrients, vitamins, vegetables basically then you could actually eat in one sitting. So could you imagine eating many veggies, it seems like a lot of veggies. For people who have significant health issue, chronic diseases, green juice is excellent way in taking a huge amount of nutrients at one time. With all that said, juicer is pretty expensive. A lot of people ask me whether they should get juicer or blender. Now I personally lean toward blending and smoothies. The primary reason is that you get to keep all the fiber. And the fiber is what help to fill you up and help to keep your GI track moving smoothly. While juicing, we actually take the fiber out, we can see all the fiber in the canister at the end. But when we are blending in making smoothies, you get to keep all that fiber. So with a juice, you are not satisfied your hunger very much because you are removing the fiber. But the benefits of the smoothie are that it can actually serve as a meal replacement because you can include all that fiber, lots of protein. So with that said, both juicing and blending are making smoothies be very beneficial for weight loss. A lot of times people want to add in a protein powder to their smoothies. Now there are a lot of protein powders on the market. Both juices and smoothies can be very helpful with weight loss. If you are going the juice out, remember that it needs to be a green juice. If you just drink fruit juice, you are losing all the fiber that helps slow down the effect of all the sugar in the fruit juices. So what is healthy about a juice is green stuff that you put in it. You use a little fruit for palatable and you can still drink it and it’s enjoyable but realize that those real nutrients, real health benefits that come from drinking in green juice, come from the green part, not from the fruit part. And you want to make it healthier and ever better for weight loss. You will use less fruit and more greens.


Last but not least, that is the ginger. You can buy any ginger and the powder from the market. But my favorite ginger is root itself. It is very easy to use to make tea. You just chop up some of the ginger root and put it in hot water. It is very simple. Healthy benefits a ginger offer are anti-inflammatory which help your digestive health, help just general function over your GI tract which is obviously very essential for weight loss. It also contributes in helping you feel full and satisfied, so ginger tea is a great thing to have either before or after a meal. Because it actually aids digestion, helps you feel more satisfied and you know it is really for me to feel the spicy, intense flavor of ginger and help me feel like that’s the end of my meal. Helping with digestion make it very beneficial, ginger is also known to help drive down blood sugar levels and boost your metabolism. So ginger has a whole lots of benefits, I absolutely love the flavor of ginger. I also bring a little of honey to show you as you need to sweeten it a little bit.


These are my top 6 drinks for weight loss. We have water with lemon or apple cider vinegar, green tea, ginger tea, green juice and green smoothie, aloe vera juice. If you are looking some really easy guidelines on how to lose weight, you can check out this website the easiest diet ever.


My Child Has Acne - Facts and Easy Solutions to Recover

While talking about acne, we recognize some random disappointing appearance of small or big reddish pimple lookalike condition on our face. This is a skin disease which gets kicked off as a result of the excess oil produced by our oil gland. We do not like those days, when the appearance of this disgusting skin disease tries to stand as a hindrance on our way of smart personality and confident look projection.

The problem of acne is very common to see during teenage days which generally occurs due to blockage of skin pores by the excess oil produced by our oil gland and get infected by bacteria thereafter. Adults may face this problem because of hormonal (estrogen) imbalance in our body. Nonetheless, an unhealthy lifestyle with over consumption of excessive fatty food may also trigger this disease. As we know this is a very infectious skin disease, we should try to minimize the probability of its origination as early as possible. Availability of various medications might be easy to access through proper consultation with doctor; however, the application of homemade or natural remedies to get rid of acne is of high priority. Of course like any other disease, the problem of acne is also solvable through an intensive care and attention at the right moment.


Acne leaves bad scars on our body and face and should not be avoided once it shows its first appearance. Rather than ignoring or holding ourselves back with hesitation, a thorough understanding of the possible solution is important to reduce the effect of acne. There are few easy ways associated with our daily life which may help to minimize the root cause of this skin disease.


The first and most important prevention measure is keeping our skin clear and moisturized most of the time. If the skin is too oily or anyone tends to sweat more, then he has to wash the skin with water frequently to keep the skin pores open. Application of an oil free moisturizer is an obvious choice.


Untitled-1.jpg (680×384)


We have to prevent ourselves from touching or squeezing it, as acne is too infectious and spreads more if popped or squeezed.

Keeping one far away from the unhealthy consumption of fatty fast foods is also another way to reduce the extent of acne. We have to increase the intake of water as water helps to clear the toxins out of our body, cleanse our system and encourage a faster metabolism.

There are few natural face packs which are good for treatment of acne. Carrot mask made of carrot paste and flour acts as a source of antioxidant and should be applied over the affected area.


A mask of turmeric, flour, milk and honey is also important to cure the disease. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic for any kind of infection.

Maca root vegetable can be eaten which helps to balance the hormone level and boost our immune system. Apart from eating this, we have to increase consumption of leafy green vegetables and fruits to improve the necessary vitamin level and body function.

Again Aloe Vera has an undeniable anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property in its enzyme rich gel which assists to rescue the effect of acne.


Discovering Portable Massage Table Features

If you are suffered by chronic pains and pressure from tons of daily deadlines, a massage table is effective tool to improve your general health in a positive way. There are a great number of massage tables available on the market place, which varies greatly into different aspects such as sizes, heights, brands, prices and more. Professionals in this industry always attempt to offer the best product performance to users by regularly having improvements in design and features. With numerous benefits, the portable massage table rapidly becomes a favorite item during current years. Keep on reading and check out all gorgeous features of the smart portable massage table in a comprehensive way.




Main function of massage table endplates is enhancing its stability by reducing the vibrations during massage sessions. When purchasing a portable massage table, you have chance to select 3 options of endplate types, including standard, Reiki and low endplates. Each type of them supports the effectiveness of massage table in different ways. The standard endplates come with 1/8 inches thickness, whereas, Reiki type offers larger thickness of 3/8 inches. Based on your needs and demands, you could choose the suitable type of endplates that make you pleased most. Reiki is considered to be effective in accessing all body parts of customers without any difficulty. Simply, if you intend applying Reiki techniques, the Reiki endplates are great recommendation.



Foam is an essential factor in deciding whether the portable massage table is comfortable or not. Before purchasing the massage table, you should concern about its density and thickness. The higher density and thickness, the more comfortable this table offers to you. It is advisable for users to select medium or high level of foam density for maximum level of pleasure. The ideal table thickness should be changed between 2 ¼ inches to 3 ½ inches.




You have chance to enjoy 2 options of massage table materials, including wood or aluminum. In comparison with wood materials, aluminum requires higher cost. Therefore, users often choose the massage table with great combination between aluminum and wood. It is not only light-weight, but also reliable and sturdy to endure daily wear and tear. The decision of suitable weight also depends on your physical and health status, as well as user genders.


While the length of a portable massage table is at 73 inches without a headrest, its width changes between 27 inches and 32 inches. They are different based on the requirements of seniors, adults or children. The table is designed to keep up with various needs and demands of each individual.



Don’t have to worry about the position of your head during massage session. This is because portable massage table equips the headrest to make patients feel relax. Most of modern massage tables nowadays come with adjustable ability to raise or low the headrest.

In conclusion, you had better consider different important features before purchasing a portable massage table. The model equips top high-end features for users to easily decide their best choice. Be a smart purchaser in selecting right product for your massage therapy. 


5 Strategies to Help a Child with Low Self Confidence

Many children experience low self-confidence at some point throughout their young lives.  They may experience it for a week, a month, or even years.  The good thing is that as their parent there are many ways you can help them become more confident.


Childhood has a huge impact on how they will feel about themselves as adults.  Children need to feel empowered, so as adults we need to help them learn to believe in themselves and that they can get past even the most challenging obstacles.


You may notice your child making negative comments about themselves or getting extremely frustrated over failed tasks.  They may even begin to refuse trying new things or lose interest in things that they loved before.  These are just a few signs that your child’s self-confidence levels are dropping.  They are beginning to lose belief and trust in their ability to be successful.


Become proactive as a parent, help them before the signs start to show or as soon as you begin to notice the signs with these 5 strategies:


1.      Talk to them: Ask your child how their day went.  Ask them about the activities at school or the fears they have about school.  They may not share at first, but be encouraging and let them know that you are there to talk when they are ready.  When they do open up, keep positive.  Help them gain the perspective they need.


2.      Focus on their strengths.  It seems to be so much easier to focus on their weaknesses.  Children know their weaknesses and constantly being punished for them gives them opportunity to put more focus on them as well.  Instead, let them know that you notice their strengths.  Get them involved in activities that promote their strengths, or assign them tasks around the house that you know they can accomplish.  This will provide them ample opportunities to be successful.


3.      Give them praise and praise them to others. Praise your child for the things they do well, hearing that you know they did well will give their confidence a huge boost.  If they work hard, but get the wrong answer on their homework praise them for the effort and gently help them correct the answer.  Also remember to praise them when talking to others when they are in hearing range.  This will give them pride in the fact that you share you are proud of them to others.


4.      Have clear and appropriate expectations.  You know your child’s abilities, give them expectations that they can achieve.  Sometimes it is good to take a step back and remember that they cannot do everything you can do.


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