My Child Has Acne - Facts and Easy Solutions to Recover

While talking about acne, we recognize some random disappointing appearance of small or big reddish pimple lookalike condition on our face. This is a skin disease which gets kicked off as a result of the excess oil produced by our oil gland. We do not like those days, when the appearance of this disgusting skin disease tries to stand as a hindrance on our way of smart personality and confident look projection.

The problem of acne is very common to see during teenage days which generally occurs due to blockage of skin pores by the excess oil produced by our oil gland and get infected by bacteria thereafter. Adults may face this problem because of hormonal (estrogen) imbalance in our body. Nonetheless, an unhealthy lifestyle with over consumption of excessive fatty food may also trigger this disease. As we know this is a very infectious skin disease, we should try to minimize the probability of its origination as early as possible. Availability of various medications might be easy to access through proper consultation with doctor; however, the application of homemade or natural remedies to get rid of acne is of high priority. Of course like any other disease, the problem of acne is also solvable through an intensive care and attention at the right moment.


Acne leaves bad scars on our body and face and should not be avoided once it shows its first appearance. Rather than ignoring or holding ourselves back with hesitation, a thorough understanding of the possible solution is important to reduce the effect of acne. There are few easy ways associated with our daily life which may help to minimize the root cause of this skin disease.


The first and most important prevention measure is keeping our skin clear and moisturized most of the time. If the skin is too oily or anyone tends to sweat more, then he has to wash the skin with water frequently to keep the skin pores open. Application of an oil free moisturizer is an obvious choice.


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We have to prevent ourselves from touching or squeezing it, as acne is too infectious and spreads more if popped or squeezed.

Keeping one far away from the unhealthy consumption of fatty fast foods is also another way to reduce the extent of acne. We have to increase the intake of water as water helps to clear the toxins out of our body, cleanse our system and encourage a faster metabolism.

There are few natural face packs which are good for treatment of acne. Carrot mask made of carrot paste and flour acts as a source of antioxidant and should be applied over the affected area.


A mask of turmeric, flour, milk and honey is also important to cure the disease. Turmeric acts as an antiseptic for any kind of infection.

Maca root vegetable can be eaten which helps to balance the hormone level and boost our immune system. Apart from eating this, we have to increase consumption of leafy green vegetables and fruits to improve the necessary vitamin level and body function.

Again Aloe Vera has an undeniable anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property in its enzyme rich gel which assists to rescue the effect of acne.

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